1. Be Aware of Covid-19 Vaccine Scams

    As COVID-19 vaccine distribution begins, protect yourself from potential scams by being alert and paying attention to signs of a potential scam. Read on...
  2. Updated PHA Regulatory Waivers due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    HUD issued a revised notice establishing regulatory waivers and alternative requirements for Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. PHA has adopted applicable waivers and requirements as listed in the Notice. Read on...
  3. PHA Expands Resident and Homeless Transition Services

    PHA announced two organizational changes that will enhance its support services for residents transitioning from homelessness and those living in the agency's newly rehabilitated and reconstructed housing. Read on...
  4. PHA Operating but Offices are Closed to the Public

    In compliance with COVID-19 requirements, PHA offices are closed to the public until further notice. PHA staff is available by phone or email during regular office hours. Documents can be submitted via drop off boxes outside the offices or by mail. Read on...


  1. PHA 14 Baxter

    Agency geographical area of coverage

    PHA administers HUD Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs in the City of Portland, Maine; and most surrounding communities within a 10 miles radius. The list can be found here
  1. snowplowtruck

    Sign Up for Weather Alerts

    With winter weather approaching, sign up for snow plowing, parking alerts, and other important snow notifications. Go to NotifyMe and select weather alerts.  
  1. Fair Housing Month Poster

    Stay in touch with us

    Receive notifications about office closings, parking bans, and other important announcements by signing up at the Alert Center. All you need is an email or cell phone number.