The recycling program follows the same guidelines as the City of Portland and allows you to recycle many items that would otherwise go into the trash stream. The program follows Single Stream Recycling protocols so there is no need to sort recyclable items. Recyclables include paper, cardboard, paperboard, glass, aluminum, and much of the common types of plastics used in households.

What items can be recycled?

Paper: Newspapers,magazines, bulk mail, junk mail, letters, old mail, color or white paper, hardcover and softcover books, phone books, post cards, greeting cards, flyers, brochures, envelopes (including window), manila folders, paper bags, brown grocery bags; anything that comes from a tree.  Basically if you can rip it, it can be recycled.  

Paperboard: Clean food boxes with liners removed (i.e. pasta boxes, cereal, rice, cake mixes), paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, writing pad backs, medicine boxes, toiletry boxes, gift boxes.

Cardboard:  Any clean corrugated box (i.e. moving, shipping, and mailing boxes)

Glass:  Beverage and food containers, clear and colored glass bottles and jars.  NO PYREX DISHES

Aluminum:  Beverage cans, aluminum foil, delivery food containers

Plastic: All plastic containers or packaging that with recycling symbols numbers 1 through 7, with the exception of polystyrene/Styrofoam.  

Items not accepted

Do not include containers that previously contained pesticides, motor oil, paint, or any other hazardous and/or flammable material.  No medical sharps/needles accepted. NO STYROFOAM. 

For complete list of recycling guidelines, please print or download this handy flyer

For more information on recycling in the State of Maine, visit the Maine EPA page