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Portland Housing Authority

Qualifying for
Project Based Vouchers (PBV)

How do families qualify for project-based vouchers?

PHA takes applications from individuals or families and places them on a waiting list for a specific PBV project or projects indicated by the applicant. Applicants must meet the same eligibility standards required under the HCV program. Owners screen and select applicants from the waiting list when units become vacant.

How much of the rent do vouchers cover?

The PHA pays the owner the difference between 30 percent of family income and what the owner receives for rent for the unit.

How are Project-Based Vouchers different from Housing Choice Vouchers?

Under the Housing Choice Voucher program, the PHA issues an eligible family a voucher and the family selects a unit of its choice that meets the program’s guidelines and starts receiving voucher assistance. If the family moves out of the unit PHA stops paying that owner. The family can move to another approved unit and have their voucher assistance paid to their new landlord. Under the Project-Based Voucher program, PHA enters into an housing assistance payments (HAP) contract with the owner for certain units and for a specific amount of time. Because the housing assistance is tied to the unit, a family who moves from that unit does not take it with them.

What type of contracts does PHA sign with owners under this program?

The PHA and the owner execute an agreement to enter into a housing assistance payment (HAP) contract if the owner agrees to construct or rehabilitate the units. PHA agrees to subsidize the units upon satisfactory completion of the rehabilitation or construction. Upon satisfactory completion of the rehabilitation or construction, and for existing development, PHA and the owner execute a HAP contract for a specific time period (usually 10 to 15 years). The HAP contract establishes the initial rents for the units and the contract term, and describes the responsibilities of PHA and the owner.

Interested owners may contact the Director of Housing Services for more information.

Applicants may obtain an application by phone or by coming to our offices at 14 Baxter Boulevard, Portland. Some properties require an application be completed with the owner.