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What are my obligations under the HCV program?

Listed below are several things you must do to keep your voucher under Portland Housing’s HCV program. Tenant obligations are part of the Housing Choice Voucher document that you signed when you came on the program and resign each time you move.

  1. You must call your worker at PHA if anybody who lives in your home has a change in the money they receive. This could be TANF, social security, child support, money from working at a job and unemployment. PHA has the right to take away your voucher permanently if you do not report income changes to them. Forms to report a change in Family Income are conveniently available by phone or at the reception desk.

  2. If you want to add somebody to your home you must call your worker and your landlord to get approval. Never move somebody in without letting the housing authority know or you may lose your voucher. Forms to report a change in family composition are available also.

  3. You must always comply with the rules of the lease. For example, if you are evicted from the unit or if you fail to pay your share of rent you could lose your voucher.

  4. You must complete the annual paperwork in order to be sure your rent is calculated correctly.

  5. The place that you are renting must be kept clean and in good condition. You must be home for the annual inspection. If your home is not being taken care of the way it should be, the housing authority has the right to take away your voucher.

  6. If any family member commits a crime you may lose your voucher.

  7. Do not move without talking to your landlord and worker at the housing authority to find out what you should do.

  8. You can access a copy of the Voucher for your review at:

How do I to move to another Housing Authority’s jurisdiction (Portability)?

Portability allows you to move to a different city or town. The unit can be anywhere in the United States where there is a Housing Authority or other agency operating a HCV Program. You may move with your Voucher if you are in good standing with PHA, have lived in the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority issuing your Voucher for at least a year, and do not owe your landlord any money. Contact your worker at your housing authority immediately if you want to move.

Since all HCV programs are governed by the same regulations, they will be very similar. However, Housing Authorities do have areas in which they can create their own rules. You will have to locate housing that fits within the guidelines of the particular area you have chosen to live in.

Be prepared to give information and documents to the new housing authority regarding your income and family members including Soc Sec cards, birth certificates, etc. The process of moving from one housing authority to another is going to take some time so please be patient.

You can access a list of all Housing Authorities in the U.S. at: .