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Frequently Asked Questions: Veterans Affairs Supported Housing (VASH) Program

Who is eligible for VASH?
Veterans must be homeless and have a need for, and a willingness to accept, case management services over a period of time to be determined by the VASH program.
What is the order of priority for applicants?

Veterans who are homeless and:

  • have a family
  • have been recently released from active duty
  • have mental health and/or substance abuse issues
  • have an economic hardship
  • as funding permits may be considered for assistance by the VAMC
What is a VASH Voucher?

A VASH Voucher is a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) assigned to the VASH program. The HCV provides a rent subsidy that covers the cost of the rent above 30% of the Veteran's household income.

The VASH HCV is different from other HCVs because it can only be used to subsidize a unit for a participating Veteran as long as the Veteran requires and continues to accept case management.

Veterans are eligible for a regular HCV only if they no longer need of case management as determined by the VA and a HCV is available.

What other eligibility requirements are there for a Veteran applying for VASH?

The Portland Housing Authority (PHA) will verify the applicant (and his/her family if applicable) has a total income the same as or less than the current applicable Very Low Income amount as published by HUD.

PHA will check to see if the applicant (or other member of the household) is on a lifetime Sex Offender list in any State in the country.

The applicant (or other member of the household) cannot owe money to PHA or another Housing Authority.

How do I apply?
Contact the Veteran Affairs Medical Center – HUD VASH Program at (207) 623-8411 ext. 4125 or at toll free (877) 421-8263 ext. 4125.

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