Green Policy

Portland Housing Authority recognizes its responsibility to help protect the natural environment and build a more sustainable community. Along with the long term values of a Green Policy*, in the short-term, these efforts will lower operating costs, lower utility bills for our residents, and improve the health and safety of those we assist.

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that the Green Policy* is implemented. However, all employees have a responsibility in their area to ensure that the objectives of the policy are met and we continue to improve our environmental performance. 

The Executive Director will report of the Board of Commissioners in January of each year.  The Board will review its progress and establish specific performance goals for the New Year.  

Primary Areas of Focus:

1. Reduce energy consumption and emissions in all residential and administrative buildings;

2. Reduce energy consumption and emissions related to vehicle use;

3. Reduce the consumption of potable water;

4. Create healthier indoor living and work environments;

5. Incorporate sustainability practices into agency decision making and operations for administration, maintenance, and capital improvements;

6. Instill the values of energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability into the culture of PHA, its employees and residents;

7. Improve the use of technology to monitor, control and reduce energy cost and consumption;

8. Reduce waste and pollutants through recycling and purchasing of green products and services.

 *Adopted by the Portland Housing Authority on February 6, 2014 as approved by the Board of Commissioners