Community Policing

The Portland Housing Authority collaborates with the Portland Police to offer Community Police Liaisons in Public Housing. 

Shawna Ohm

has an office at 57 Riverton Drive and travels between The PHA office, Riverton Park, Sagamore Village, and Front Street.
She can be reached at 773-4753 (main office), 797-8374 (Riverton Office), or by email

Suna Shaw

has an office at 44 Mayo Street in the Kennedy Park neighborhood. She serves the East Bayside community with safety and community engagement services.
She can be reached at 553-9863, or by email

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Riverton Park has a neighborhood crime watch association. Residents meet with the Police monthly to discuss safety and work with the police to keep crime out of their community. 
For more information on time and location of the meetings contact Shawna Ohm at 797-8374 (Riverton Office), or by email